Steve Nicol and Mark Donaldson react to Danny Rose and Mauricio Pochettino’s criticism of VAR, and whether it should be implemented at the World Cup.

The Premier League will discuss the possible introduction of video assistant referees (VAR) at its next meeting with clubs in April, Press Association Sport reported.

The report said the use of VAR would be on the agenda of the London meeting.

However, whether there is a vote on the introduction of the technology to the Premier League remains to be seen.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) has unanimously voted to bring it into the laws of the game, and use of the technology at the World Cup in Russia is now highly likely.

FIFA’s Council will meet later this month in Colombia, with VAR set to be sanctioned.

It is unlikely that VAR would be introduced mid-season, so any decision is expected ahead of the 2018-19 Premier League campaign.

Press Association Sport said it could be that any vote comes at the summer meeting in June or July, when the newly-promoted clubs will be present.

The development comes after Football Association (FA) chief executive Martin Glenn said the use of VAR in the Premier League on a full-time basis is “not a question of if but when.”

The technology has been used in selected domestic cup ties this season but has been criticised for problems arising from its implementation.

Glenn said it was not expected that the Premier League would introduce it next season.

“It’s the Premier League’s decision whether to introduce VAR,” he said. “The Premier League has, in my view, chosen correctly not to be early adopters because why wouldn’t you let other people find things out?

“The Premier League is the most lucrative league in the world, so the consequence of a bad implementation of VAR would be very serious, but likewise the consequence of not ever running VAR when the stakes are so high is a big deal as well.

“I genuinely feel with the Premier League it’s not a question of if but when. You need to get more experience and the only way to get more experience is to commit to do it.”

Meanwhile, the Scottish FA will discuss the implementation of VAR in Scotland with clubs and the Scottish Professional Football League.

An SFA statement said VAR “has been proven to aid match officials in the decision-making process.”

Scotland cast its IFAB vote in favour of VAR, and the statement said the technology “is something we would be happy to embrace and support if there was a widespread appetite from our member clubs” and if it was affordable.

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