So I’ve tried to go with some targets that would fit our scheme and cap situations. Some others are just a bit creative. It’s not necesarily the best player’s available.

I didn’t do Safety, Tight End or Special Teams. Just because… well I’d had enough.

Feel free to add any one you think the Rams should sign in the comments section below.

Inside Linebacker

1. Preston Brown (Bills) Topped the tackle count last year in the NFL. Is big bodied and will bang in the middle against the run.

2. Zach Brown (Redskins) I contemplated putting Zach as #1 target but with suspected price tag he would cost just as much to get in FA as it would be to keep Barron, however Zach Brown would be an upgrade.

3. Navarro Bowman (Raiders) Veteran that still can read a play and has great anticipation. He won’t break the bank and won’t let us down.


1. Malcolm Butler (Patriots) Whatever happened at the Superbowl I don’t think any one will ever know for sure. One thing we do know is that Butler will be leaving New England after that and would be a great replacement for Tru.

2. Kyle Fuller (Bears) Comeback player of the year candidate after missing the 2016 season and is only 25. Would be a great addition.

3. Bashuad Breeland (Redskins) Breeland had an off year leading into FA and as such could be picked up a little cheaper. Quality player.

4. Ross Cockrell (Giants) Ross could be the diamond in the rough of this free agency. 3 INTs and 50 tackles last year at the Giants in his first year really starting. Good size but lacks the deep speed some DBs have but is a cheap ball hawk.

5. E.J Gaines (Bills) Never say never.


1. Connor Barwin (Rams) I know, I know, I know!! but we can’t afford to lose Quinn, Barron AND Barwin. For 3 mil he offers half a dozen sacks, QB pressure and a great locker room presence/training mentality. For 3 million you won’t find any one in Free Agency that can do what Barwin can for the cost.

2. DeMarcus Lawrence (Cowboys) Lawrence will be demanding 14 Mil plus. I don’t think he can fit with us but is the best talent wise available.

3. Alex Akafor (Saints) Will cost more than the 2 mil he charged the Saints this year after a pretty good year. Still not excellent though.


1. Justin Ellis (Raiders) Ellis is in for a big pay change after a solid 2017 playing for $650k. Ellis could use his 330 pound and 6.2 size to be that NT and eat up tackles in the run game. Also can take some blockers attention to let Donald and Brockers do their thing.

Wide Receiver

1. Jarvis Landry (Dolphins) Consistency is what you ask form a true #1 WR and that’s what Landry brings. Will not be cheap however either is tagging Watkins the alternative.

2. Paul Richardson (Seahawks) Reliable hands and acute route runner. Would give Goff a Woods, Richardson and Kupp combo which would hum along.

3. Marqisee Lee (Jaguars) If he can make Blake Bortles look above average then he will make Goff look like the MVP. Also a Southern Cal Alum, a return to the state could work in well.

4. Tyrelle Pryor (Redskins) He won’t be paid the 9 mil he got this year again after a fall off the face of the earth year. But if Watkins provide a deep threat and a red zone target then Pryor could fill that role for the Rams at a margin of the cost. Getting him won’t break the bank either it’s low risk Vs high upside. Remember some of those long distance bombs he reeled in for the Browns?
I also would love to see what McVay would do with Pryor, we did see Kupp try to throw the ball on one play, but having Tyrelle’s arm as a trick up the sleeve in our offence would be just another stirng to the bow.

Offensive Line

1. Greg Robinson (Free Agent) I’M JOOOOOOOOKING!!!

1. Justin Pugh (Giants) Quote from Justin concerning free agency “I want to win, and I want to win now”. Well, come and block for Gurley and you could well be on your way to a Superbowl my friend.

2. Alex Boone (Cardinals) Aaron Kromer, the offensive line coach, has propven he can take veterans and get the best out of them. Sullivan and Whitworth having near career years. No reason to think he can’t get the best out of former beast Alex Boone.

3. Andrew Norwell (Panthers) The price is the only negative here. Would offer a long term solution on the line.

Running Back

1. Rex Burkhead (Patriots) When he isn’t running into future HoFer’s hands he is actually a good change of pace back and can be a damaging runner.

2. Jamaal Charles (Denver) Why not? If Gurley goes down (God forbid, knock on wood) Charles would be a handy replacement.


1. Brock Osweiller (Denver) Shown glimpses of an arm and can hold a clip board real good like.

2. Sam Bradford (Vikings) This is maybe a dream pick but I sort of always wished the best for Sam. I just think he was really unlucky with injuries and to have to be coached by Jeff Fisher. If he could backup Goff all year, help us to the Superbowl and come out and take a couple of snaps after we’ve put 60 points on Steelers/Pats/Whoever that would be OK in my book. Others might disagree, including Sam who doesn’t get out of bed for less than 10 mil.

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